Tips and Tricks - CareerNET ON Demand's Talent Management Solutions

Here are a few helpful tidbits for our existing clients.

1. Custom Menus — CareerNET ON Demand Custom Menus can be used to link your Talent Management Solution to important and frequently visited web pages thus streamlining workflows and creating efficiencies.

2. O*NET Job Library — CareerNET ON Demand's Applicant Tracking Solution contains a link to O*NET Job Library, a free service that helps users create well defined Job Descriptions and Requirements.

3. Auto Cross-Posting — Save time posting requisitions and spend more time recruiting. The Auto Cross-Posting function allows you to cross-post requisitions to any of the free job boards integrated with CareerNET ON Demand.

4. The Suggestion Box — CareerNET ON Demand welcomes your feedback! If you have a comment, suggestion or feature enhancement to share with CareerNET ON Demand's Product Management team, click on the mailbox icon located at the top right of the screen and send us a message. All messages will first go to your system administrator for review.

5. Language Management — Not all companies "speak the same language". System administrators can access the Language Management portion of the solution to better align system verbiage with company terminology thus helping to increase familiarity and user adoption.

Automate and Streamline your Compensation Management Process

An automated compensation management solution streamlines 
salary planning by reducing the time, resources and costs associated 
with the completion of this process. By assisting organizations with 
a saving of time and financial commitment, it allows all employees 
involved in the process to be more productive for other activities
that impact a company’s bottom line.  

This type of tool provides opportunities for businesses to alter the 
circumstances directly influencing the resources which affect the 
loss or gain of time and money. In providing these two 
elements, companies are given an opportunity to maximize staff 
resources and allow their employees to continue doing what they 
do best…managing and promoting organizational effectiveness.

Other key features include:
  • Maintain Fairness in Pay
  • Allocate Scarce Resources
  • Design Awards
  • Aggregate Market Data
  • Manage Workflows
  • Report Key Metrics
Call us at 239-513-0740 to learn more about automating your 
compensation management process.